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MARGIN has been instrumental in the startup of my vascular OBL.  Having an experienced ally to negotiate pricing and then help execute the contracts is just part of the tremendous value they bring.  I feel I have a true partner that is ultra-responsive and attentive to our needs.  As a physician-entrepreneur, having the ability to call the CEO of my supply chain management company at any given time is unheard of.  We have worked through specific problems together efficiently and adjusted course as needed very nimbly.  The intangible value of our partnership is that MARGIN also provides guidance and strategic advice at a high-level, which adds another layer of decision support when you are out there in an OBL setting by yourself.  I am extremely happy with my decision to work with MARGIN. Krishna Mannava, MD

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Proper supplies and equipment are needed to provide superior care. Unfortunately, medical outpatient centers often overspend by up to 40%, and most of the time, they aren’t even aware of it. MARGIN brokers attractive pricing across all product segments and all vendors. Additional profits are left to benefit those who are positively impacting patient lives, physician entrepreneurs.



MARGIN's job is to help free you of distractions, so you can focus on what you do best: treating the patients who need you. Your staff will place all orders through a single on-line store.  No longer will staff need to contact multiple vendors to re-order and track critical supplies. Saving 5-7 staff hours/week.


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MARGIN’s proprietary technology allows customers to quickly order supplies, implants and equipment from any of their vendors through a single eCommerce solution.  Upon checkout, all your product needs will be communicated to your vendors seamlessly.  Free up time and focus on activities to grow your practice.


MARGIN's portal will allow you to procure supplies, track orders, case-cost, and assess spend in real-time.  With the power of the MARGIN system, you can better manage profitability and plan for future success.


We cover all your medication, disposable, implantable and capital equipment needs.

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MARGIN was founded with one simple mission: to provide physician entrepreneurs access to fair and appropriate pricing for all their supply needs. MARGIN is a buying collective that negotiates pricing across all vendors required to provide outpatient care. We alleviate the burden of price negotiations, product comparison and ordering, while offering you a unique technology to manage your day-to-day supply operations.


Whether in an ambulatory surgery center, lab or physician office, we negotiate for you.  We have long-standing industry relationships and decades of experience in the field. If you need a C-arm, total hip, stent or endoscopy device, we have you covered.  Speaking of covered, MARGIN doesn’t focus exclusively on big-ticket items, we also offer superior pricing on all disposables, such as drapes and gowns.

You have invested so much time and energy in giving superior care to your patients.  To ensure you have full autonomy over the quality of care you offer, you have moved your procedures into the ambulatory setting.  We believe that you should be able to offer the highest-quality care and maximize your profits. MARGIN’s job is to help make that a reality.  

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Our founder, Chas Sanders, is an experienced executive who has been in the healthcare industry for 20 years. He has worked in multiple segments including pharmaceutical, orthopedics, spine, podiatry, gastroenterology, interventional endovascular medicine, cardiac rhythm management, and ambulatory services.

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